Thursday, 6 March 2014

Doing it for the Girls


    Because it is International Women's Day tomorrow, Saturday March 8th, women will celebrated and debated throughout the world. Over a hundred years ago, women knew that uniting with their sisters would help their voices be heard.

    Whether campaigning for peace, celebrating women's successes, equality for women, education or a call to end sexual violence towards females; it's a day to recognise and appreciate the contribution women make to our global society.

    Showing solidarity with our fellow females is now easier than ever with the birth of social media, but nevertheless women still face struggles and this year the theme is "Equality for Women and progress for all."

    Let's hope that in another one hundred years, the struggles our gender face will have been eradicated and March 8th will solely be a day to honor women. But, for now we're just going to have to stand strong and keep doing it for the girls.





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