Monday, 17 March 2014

In the Scheme of Things

  •     Vanishing civil aircraft.
  •     World unrest.
  •     Sport star accused of murder.
  •     Cyber attacks.
  •     Corrupt politicians.
  •     Teenage pop stars rebelling.
  •     Princes marrying commoners.
  •     Heroes and heroines emerging from tragedy.       
  •     Estranged families being united.
  •     Extreme weather conditions.

    All of the above are not plots for a book, they're some of the real life scenarios that featured in the press, in the last month or so. However, I wonder how many of them will be used in the scheme of a novel?  I'm no fortune teller, but I can foresee that at least one will find it's way onto the printed page.
    With all the things that happen in this crazy world, we never have to look too far, for the basis of our fictional works.

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