Monday, 25 August 2014

A Bit of a Change

    I'm kind of excited because over the next few weeks I'm setting off on an adventure. I'm not going to some place which is unfamiliar to me, but to move into my own apartment in the place I love holidaying the most.

    While I won't be taking up permanent residence in the Canary islands, I will now be spending more and more time there. I've told you all before as to how Tenerife is my 'Fantasy Island' and I'm looking forward to starting a new project and hopefully blogging about living, rather than holidaying in a different country.

    Of course there are some things that I will dearly miss when I go away. There is one important person that I definitely will miss, and I certainly I will miss the little guy below.

   For us all it will be a bit of a change, for sure.

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