Monday, 11 August 2014

Drawing the Line

    There has been lots of debate recently about the over sexualisation of teenage girls. We can't stop talking about how distasteful some of us find the raunchy antics of celebrities and the advertisements for teenager's clothing ranges.

    Yes, we know that sex sells, always has and probably always will. Even if we go back 60, or 70 years in the movies, young female starlets were cast in the lead role not on account of their wonderful acting skills, but because of their sex appeal.

   Without a doubt, due to the Internet and other media outlets it's now out there for all to see, therefore making it a very difficult thing to police. Yes, some girls may try to emulate their idol, or wear their skirt as short as the model's in the advertisement, for them it's part of growing up.

    However, it is our duty as adults to protect our girls and boys whenever possible. Providing both with a good sex and relationship education I believe is critical in helping them distinguish the difference between right and wrong. Ultimately, the teenagers themselves are the only ones that can draw the line that should not be crossed.


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