Friday, 29 August 2014

Wash Day Blues

    I told you in Monday's blog, as to how I was temporarily moving my home base to the Canary Islands and I want to shout out, 'I've arrived.'

    Not that it will make any difference to the folks around here, but I'm ecstatic. However moving home can be a little stressful and relocating to a different country does have its little drawbacks.

    Especially, when it seems that your brain has decided to catch a later flight. Yeah, I'm running on dumb mode at present. First day here I managed to cut my fingers three times making dinner, thankfully I had packed the plasters. Then disaster struck when I put a dark blue towel in the wash with a white bath sheet, result turquoise bath sheet.

    Oh, and there's my new iron which has the shortest flex in the world and it keeps flying out of the electric socket when I try to smooth my rumpled clothes. Laundry days I can see are going to be a challenge.

    Hopefully, my brain will arrive in the next few days and I will feel back to normal, not that I'm saying that I will ever fall into the normal bracket. That would be a little far fetched.

    Okay, next challenge before  my brain arrives I'm going to have to find free WiFi somewhere so I can publish this post. I better splash on some suntan oil.


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