Wednesday, 19 August 2015

It's Unfair?


    Handing in our homework on time, completing examinations in the period allotted and not getting the new iPhone as soon as it's released, are part of the controls that are imposed on us in our childhood years.

    We moan, tut, and throw the occasional tantrum when we are subjected to rules that we most definitely think are unfair.

    It's only when we're all grownup, (maybe I'm using the writers licence thing again when I use the word grownup), we continue to use similar rules to aid us to take command of our own lives. Because one of the important things that discipline teaches us is, respect.

    The alternative meaning of the word discipline is of course, a chosen path of learning. Whether it's a creative pursuit, writing, art, music, or science to be successful we have to discipline ourselves. As a writer working on my own all the time I know I regularly want to procrastinate; however thank goodness for the guidelines that were put down by my peers, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this post today.


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