Sunday, 23 August 2015

Lovable Rascal

    We grow a small amount fruit and vegetables in our garden. Nothing too exciting courgettes (zucchini), potatoes, beetroot, strawberries and apples are our favourites.

    Our strawberry crop has always been pretty successful and we enjoy it if we can pick them before the local bird population gets them first. We noticed recently that they seemed to be getting a little more than their fair share and I decided to look out to see if I could find out who our chief culprit was.

    To my surprise he wears a grey fur coat rather than a feathered one, he's a squirrel. I've caught him picking the best to munch  through, the under ripe he bites into and discards them on the ground at the side of the bed. They can't be to his taste.

Remnant of the rascal's munchies

    I tried to think of a word that described him best and I believe it's, rascal. Because he most certainly behaves mischievously and cheekily. But, I can't help but love him.


He's a little camera shy and declined a photo shoot.

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