Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Then the Wind Came: Part Five

    The camp was chaotic when the three arrived, tents crammed together and poorly dressed people queuing up in front of a make-shift wooden building with the words Medical Centre scrawled on a piece of board, hanging above the entrance.
    “ Wait here. Give me the papers you brought with you, I'll go register you,” said Kim.
    “Shouldn't we go with you?” said a concerned Olivia.
    “I can skip the queue because I know the ropes. There could be a few objections if three of us walk behind the desk and hold the others up that are waiting in line. I know a couple of the guys that are doing registration here and I'll get you registered in quick time,” said Kim.
    “Okay, we'll wait right here,” said Olivia.
    “Good girl,” said Kim.
    Olivia handed Kim the plastic folder containing passports, birth certificates, vaccination certificates and other important papers relating to the Williams family. Her grandmother had kept it beside her while they were in the cellar and reiterated its importance before she became critical.
    Kim smiled and said, “Stay safe and don't move.”
    “Hurry back Kim,” said Kai uneasily.
Olivia put her arm around her little brother's shoulder to give him some comfort, she wished someone would do the same for her.
    “Okay. That's you all registered,” said Kim handing back the envelope to Olivia.
    The twenty minutes that Kim had been away had seemed like two hours to Olivia and Kai. They had managed to stay put even although they had been constantly badgered by various youths, looking for money. After Olivia and Kai finally emptied their pockets out, they managed to convince their harassers that they'd be better looking for other prey.
    “Do we get any kind of receipt with a number or something like that, to show that we're entitled to be here?” asked Olivia.
    “Olivia I told you that this place isn't organised by anything official. Just good people, doing their best. You just stand in line get food, get medicine, whatever you need, they will give it to you if they can," said Kim."
    "Its just that I find it all a little disconcerting,” said Olivia.
    “You'll have to get used to it. This is it until the world gets back on its feet,” said Kim. “I'll take you to the tents where you can find yourself a place to bunk up and some basic toiletries and then I'm off.”
    “What do you mean tents?” asked Kai.
    “Males and females are segregated here. Olivia will be in a tent with females around her own age and you little guy will be with boys your own age too,” said Kim,
    “I'm sorry I can't leave my brother. He'll end up like those kids who were hassling us while you were away. No way,” said Olivia indignantly.
    “Olivia you've no option,” said Kim.
    “Olivia we can go and find our Mum and Dad ourselves,” cries Kai, tugging at his sister's arm.
    “No Kai, we can't but we will find another way we can stay together,” said Olivia.
    “There is one way you can stay together but you will be taking a few risks along the way,” said Kim.

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