Saturday, 5 December 2015

Then the Wind Came: Part Two


    Kai bent down and with both hands he pulled up the black coloured bolt that fastened the bottom of the door to the stone lintel. The door remained secure, it was now Olivia's turn to remove another one of the various fasteners that had kept the door in place while the storm raged. She heaved with all her might at the metal bar that was across the middle of the door, but she could not lift it clear of its holder. It thumped back down and as it did so, the rough edge caught the end of Olivia's finger causing her to smart.
    The tear in her skin began to trickle with blood, however, she wasn't planning to give up at the first obstacle that had been put in her way and she repositioned herself to have another go. Without speaking Kai took his place beside her and the two determined juveniles heaved at the bar in unison. This time, it lifted completely clear and swung towards Kai who quickly moved out of its way.
    Olivia and Kai pushed at the door simultaneously, it creaked and then shuddered it wasn't moving anywhere. Kai suddenly realised that they hadn't pulled down the bolt that held the top of the door in situation. He tugged at it hastily, unlike the other, it slid free without much effort and both siblings pushed against the creosoted wood structure. It shuddered again, something on the other side was definitely stopping it from opening.
    Kai kicked the door in frustration and shouted, “Aagh!”
    “Kai, we'll need to get something to use as a battering ram. We can force it together. There's no point of you breaking your toes,” said Olivia licking her congealed, bloodied finger.
    “ There's a wooden fence post down there in the far corner behind all the stuff Gran had put together for the Church Fair,” said Kai. He left his sister's side and began to jump down the flight of stairs two at a time.
    “ Kai, watch what you're doing. Don't go hurting yourself. I'll come and help you carry it up. We need to concert our effort and strength,” said the young boy's sister racing after him down the stairs.
    Olivia and Kai  had spent the last two hours thumping at the door and had only succeeded in splintering the wood of the door.
    “It's no use all we've succeeded in doing is exhausting ourselves. Something has fallen against the door on the other side and until someone comes along and moves it we're stuck in here... with Gran,” said Olivia in a trembling voice. The thought of spending more time in the cellar alongside her beloved grandmother's body knowing that it would soon start to decompose filled her with dread. 
    “Help, help, help,” shouted Kai, banging on the door with his fists.
    “What the hell are you doing?” shouted Olivia grabbing hold of her brother's arms.
    “ I can hear someone out there. Listen,”Kai pushed himself free from his sister's hold and pushed her towards the door.
    Olivia put her ear to the door, Kai was correct she could hear something, hopefully, it was a someone outside and not their imagination's playing tricks.
    “Help, help,” shouted the both of them.
    Olivia rattled the little metal handle on the door as she shouted. They could hear things being dragged across the ground, but the noises still seemed to be a little distance away. Suddenly, something scraped across the door, there was shuffling sounds, then the door opened wide. The two siblings nearly falling on top of their rescuer in anticipation of being freed.
    “Thank you, thank you,” said Olivia to the young man who had caught hold of her, narrowly saving her from falling onto a roll of razor wire.


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