Saturday, 12 December 2015

Then the Wind Came: Part Four


    It had taken them around thirty minutes to get the body of Jane Williams out of the cellar and bury it into the shallow grave which Kim had dug. They had left hurriedly when Kai noticed a group approaching in the distance, of whom Kim identified as the marauders he had spotted on his way to the William's farm.
    “Kim if you're part of a team of rescuers, where are the rest of them,” asked Kai.
    “ I told you earlier we split up when we came across the looters. It was for our own safety. When I heard the noise coming from your cellar. I couldn't walk on by, after all I was heading back to the camp anyway.”
    “Well thank goodness you did.,” said Olivia.
    “Yeah. Thanks, Kim,” said Kai.
    “We'll soon be there. Look you can see the makeshift shelters all grouped together up ahead,” said Kim.
    Olivia and Kai peered into the distance, but they were still struggling with the brightness around them. They had wanted to search in the rubble that now represented their grandmother's home for essential belongings, which would have included sunglasses, but there was no time. The light didn't seem to bother Kim at all, Olivia could only assume that they too would soon get used to it.
    “What will you do when we get there Kim?” asked Olivia.
    “ I'll get you registered and then I'll go search for the rest of the team I was travelling with. Then see if it's possible for us to regroup. It's easier to travel in a group. Easier and safer I should say.”
    “Are you not going to try and see if there are any of your family or friends there? asked Olivia.
    “I've no family left. They were all killed when the winds came. You may not have been aware of the devastation it caused since you've been hiding away. But, I think you now know just looking around that the world is no longer as you knew it. There are no towns or cities. I just met up with like-minded people who wanted to help and I'll meet up with some more if I can't find them again when we reach camp,” said Kim candidly.
    “We need to try and contact our parents in Washington. Do you know how we can go about that? asked Olivia.
    “Olivia, there is no Washington. Your parents are probably safe, however, communication channels are down. Everything is being organized by people from all walks of life. Mixed in the groups are city officials, doctors, nurses and religious leaders but they're not working in any official capacity. They're just folks who are thankful that they still have their lives and willing to put their lives experiences to good use. I'm sure it will eventually get better, but that is a long way off I think.”
    Olivia couldn't take it in and she knew that Kai found it difficult to comprehend the whole horrible reality that they were embroiled in. His silence said it all. Her little brother was only quiet when he wasn't so sure of himself and that wasn't so often. She hoped that she had done the correct thing by agreeing to come here with Kim. But what else could she do?
    She was seventeen-years-old in the middle of a situation that no-one could have ever foreseen, including her parents. It may be that her parents were dead, because according to Kim many cities had been devastated by fires that started when the power surged before the country eventually blacked-out.
    “I'll do whatever I can to help you find your parents, before I set off on my travels again,” said Kim.
    “Thanks, you've helped us just by getting us this far,” said Olivia.
    Kim smiled warmly and said, “It's no trouble and there is no need to be afraid I'll do what I can.”
    Even although she had only known Kim for several hours, Olivia felt she and Kai had made a good friend. She would be sorry to say goodbye to him. She would once again feel vulnerable. His reassurance and guidance had made them both feel they were in safe hands.


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