Saturday, 19 December 2015

Then the Wind Came: Part Six

    “Tell us, tell us,” said Kai excitedly.
    “You can both come with me. I asked about the guys I was travelling with and the woman in registration told me that they haven't been here. There is a new camp about two miles from here and they've possibly moved on there. This camp, as you can see is bursting at the seams and she told me that she heard that the facilities and accommodation are much better there,” said Kim.
    Olivia looked at her brother and said, “We better get going then.”
    “You'll be safe with me,” said Kim rubbing Kai's head playfully. “Here got you these, to help keep the glare out of your eyes.” Kim handed them each a pair of sunglasses, which they gratefully put on.    **
    The group of five men made their way into the registration tent. They pushed their way through the thirty or so waiting and made their way to the front of the line. The over-worked woman looked up when one of the men slapped down a small leather wallet in front of her.
    Lifting the wallet the woman read the identification it contained, closing it over she handed it back to the large framed, man.
    “If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it,” said the woman.
    “Unfortunately, it is true. We're the agents sent here in search of a young man who is wanted in connection with the devastation we now face,” said the burly man.
    Taking a photograph from his inside coat pocket, he handed it to the woman and said,"Have you seen him?"
    “No I haven't. I'm sorry,” said the woman shaking her head.
    He took the photograph back from the woman and handed it to the first man who was standing in line.
    “Yeah, I saw him.I passed him and two other kids as I was coming into the camp,” said the man. 
    “It was definitely him,” asked the agent.
    “Yes, he was with a young boy and a teenage girl,” said the waiting man.
    “You're sure it was him,” said the agent.
    “Yeah. I've told you already. I'm positive. You see, I couldn't understand why they were leaving. I stopped him and asked if it was full up in here?” said the man.
    “What did he say?” asked the agent.
    “He didn't say anything, he ignored me. It was the boy who spoke to me. He told me before the guy pulled him away that they were going to the other camp,” said the man.
    “ What camp?” said the agent.
    “ I tried to tell them that there is no other camp. But this guy wasn't interested in what I had to say. He grabbed the boy by the hand and told him that I was some nut talking rubbish,” said the man.
    “ Okay thanks for your help,” said the agent. Turning to the men accompanying him he said,             “Let's get out of here.”  
    “As I said to the agent I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't had seen it with my own eyes,” said the woman behind the desk.
    “Who were those men?” asked the man who had helped the agent.
    “They're the devil hunters that are looking for Satan's grandson,” said the woman.
    “That  teenage guy in the photograph must be him,” said the man.
    “He must be,” said the woman.


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