Monday, 9 January 2017

Brushing Away the Dust

    Looking through a list of national days yesterday morning, I read with some amusement that today is, National Clean Off Your Desk Day. Another one of those days that I didn't  know existed, but most definitely should observe.

    I read that no-one really knows its origin, however personally glancing around my workspace it's probably a day I would be better observing once a month rather than once a year. Instead of the second Monday in January, I could partake in a desk clean up the second Monday of every month.

   Then again after a few moments of thought, you know things aren't so bad. Everything is close at hand, notebooks, pens, pencils, paperclips and large sheets of A4 paper. As well as a few other personal nick-nacks, which to me are similar to that of a kids comfort blanket. These little mementos give me a sense of security, help me be productive.

    Oh well, I'm not sure I can do the clean off your desk thing. Do you think dusting lightly counts as a mark of respect?

#CleanOffYourDeskDay #writerslife

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