Friday, 6 January 2017

Making My Year a Great One


    Whether, as a newbie author you have decided  to self-publish, or have a publishing contract with a small independent publisher as I have for two of my three books, it's important that you self-promote. It's not easy trying to spin all the plates, however social media I believe makes it simpler.

    I now know, that I should have had a blog, and accounts with Twitter and Facebook long before my debut hit the printing press. Launching myself initially on Twitter and Blogger was a big step as I had previously shunned away from social media.

    On a personal basis I do find it all a little intrusive, but my business head tells me it is a necessity. It is a medium to reach a worldwide audience, an audience that I would never reach otherwise.

    This week I have ventured even further into the unknown and opened an, Instagram account. If you are a regular visitor to this blog you will know that I am really into pictures, so for me it is the correct choice I believe.

    Please keep up with me via any of the networking sites I mentioned, I'd love you too. You' make my New Year a great one.

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