Thursday, 13 July 2017

Looking Through the Window

    There are times we just want to be alone, it's necessary for us to have some solitude. But, that I hope is a choice you are able to make, I know I can. For many though, they have no choice, day after day there is little, or no interaction with the outside world.

    Sitting by the window, watching the outside world as though it were a TV programme. The only sound in the house coming from the radio, or TV. No visits from friends and family, no laughing, no remembering the good times. Days and nights passing by, mingling into each other.

    Sometimes we need a gentle reminder that there are many people suffering from loneliness and this week BBC Radio featured the subject. The feature in loneliness amongst the older generation, particularly caught my attention. It focused on those who may find themselves alone after losing a long-term partner and I could  to relate to that. No not because I have lost a partner, thank God, but because I witnessed what my mother and aunt both went through after losing their husbands.

    Both couples were equally inseparable and it was difficult for the women to adjust their lives.They both did have contact with the outside world and still struggled. So what would it have been like for them if they hadn't had family calling, the friendly neighbour taking a minute to just ask how they were.

    If we know someone who lives alone, we need to make the time to call them. If we have a neighbour who lives alone, even just giving them a smile and a wave when when we see them, may make a huge difference to their day and life.

    Remember that person sitting at the window could be you, or me some day.


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