Monday, 3 July 2017

A Ball Boy or Girl?


     Wimbledon starts today, Scotland and the UK are crossing their fingers that Andy Murray will collect that trophy once again.

Dunblane Cathedral
    When he married in 2015 in the cathedral there, I went to his home city to take some photographs and wrote a post about my visit, the link you can find below.

Local public house

    Two years on, the happy couple have announced that they are expecting their second child. To celebrate, the pending arrival, I thought I would share some more photographs of the city of Dunblane with you.

The city celebrated the big day
     I think that the word, city, projects the image of a large town, similar to Edinburgh, New York, or Rome and if that's what you're expecting on a visit there, you may be disappointed.

River Allan
    However, I know that this small city and surrrounding countryside doesn't fail expectations.

    Come on Andy!


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