Monday, 13 January 2014


Adding a picture or pictures to my blog is as important to me, as my words. For me it adds some depth and variation. But, being a regular blogger it can be difficult to keep my supply going. Yes, there are stock photography sites, but I decided right from the outset that I wasn't going use them.

    Whilst I know my own supply may not always be perfect or seem relevant, they're original. Apart from wanting originality, there were also other reasons as to why I felt cautious about using stock sites and they are:
  • There may be a cost.
  • There maybe copyright restrictions.
  • I may need permission to use the picture.
    Luckily, but maybe not so lucky for you as a reader I now find myself taking my camera most places I go; just in case a photo opportunity comes along. The good news is, I do draw the line at pushing the trolley around the supermarket with a camera fixed to my eyeball.

    So,  if today is one of those days that the photographs don't appear to be relevant, you now know some of the reasons why.




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