Monday, 9 June 2014

100 Days Left

Entrance to Visitor Centre at Bannockburn

    There are one hundred days left before the people of Scotland vote in a referendum that could change the political landscape of the whole of the United Kingdom.   

Scottish flag

    We will be asked to vote either, Yes to Independence or, No to Independence.  Now, while I am very patriotic and love the country where I was born and bred; I think this separation could be somewhat like a messy divorce.
Exhibit at Visitor Centre

    You know the scenario; the parties involved continue to argue about who gets this, or who pays for that, inclusive of the children. There's a real power struggle going on between the parents and the one who thinks they have the upper hand comes up with the idea that they should ask the kids, "Which parent do you want to live with?"

Telling the history of the battle

    Now, one of the kids is finding it difficult to choose between his parents, he loves them both. Each of the adults are using their persuasive powers full on, short of promising the kids the World. However, the parent who promised that nothing would change in the kids day to day lives, suddenly announces that they will be moving to another town after the divorce.

Stirling Castle in the distance from Bannockburn Centre

    The undecided kid knows that things will change if he chooses this parent, he'll after all be leaving all that he is familiar with. He is ultimately being asked by this parent to give up the things that help make his life a little more safe and secure, in this already uncertain world.
    He wishes it was within his power to stop them divorcing. But, he's realistic and he knows that the divorce is going ahead whether he likes it, or not. He needs more time and his parents have given him one hundred days to make up his mind. What will he do?

Robert the Bruce

    Seven hundred years ago, the question that now faces Scotland, as a nation wasn't decided at the ballot box, or divorce courts; axes were wielded and blood was spilled. Unlike the kid in the story though, we do have the power to stop the divorce going ahead.

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