Friday, 27 June 2014

Keeping out of the Way of the Coconuts


    I've been struggling the last couple of weeks to juggle my work in progress and maintain a presence on social media, due to family commitments.

    Normally at a weekend, I plan ahead for my biweekly blogs; I jot down ideas, do outlines, maybe even go out and take some photographs. This means that the rest of the time I can get on with writing my book, or tweeting.

    But, this has been impossible of late and being someone who is an organisation fanatic, I've had to admit to myself that writing, daily tweeting and regular blogging is not achievable. I'm throwing all of the coconuts up in the air and some of them are likely to crash down on top of my head, sooner rather than later.

    Therefore, I've had to sit down and reorganise my workload. My book had to remain my number one priority, staying at the top of my 'Must Do List'. So, Twitter friends I apologise because I will only be tweeting to you sporadically. Yes, I'm planning to neglect you and I'm afraid I may continue to do so for an indefinite period. However, I most definitely won't completely forget you.

    Blogger friends I will endeavour to blog twice a week, that means see you Monday, if a coconut doesn't get me that is.

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