Monday, 30 June 2014

Pedal Power

Holmfirth, Yorkshire
    The UK over the last few years has become bicycle crazy and more and more people are getting into the saddle. For some it's to keep fit, for others they're making a conscious effort to save our already over polluted environment.

    Therefore the news that, The Tour De France, one of the largest sporting events is starting their 101st  road race in Leeds, Yorkshire on July 5th, has bike enthusiasts and locals spinning with excitement.

York Minster
    Although I've never cycled the route I have visited the area several times and the roads over the hills will certainly be a challenge for the competitors.

    But for those of you, who like me would rather admire the wonderful scenery from a car, I can recommend two places, York and Holmfirth, both of which are included in Stage Two.York of course is known for the Minster and Holmfirth is renowned, as the location where, Last of the Summer Wine, a BBC popular sitcom was filmed.


     So if you're in Yorkshire this week, it's all about pedal power. However, you could just park up the car for the night and watch the race going by, whilst supping a pint of Yorkshire Bitter.



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