Sunday, 15 June 2014

Walk on By

Ethical Traders

    We may enjoy tucking into prawns in salad, sea-food cocktail, or biryani, but it's time for us to take note of where this popular shellfish is being sourced. Following an investigation it's alleged that our love for these shrimp like crustaceans are fuelling the slave labour market in Asia. 

    Men are said to be traded like live-stock and held against their will to work on the trawlers that catch the marine-life that we love. Some supermarkets have already stopped purchasing the product from one main supplier in Thailand. Others, are a little slower to react because from a business perspective they want to buy at the cheapest price possible, in order that they can both make a profit and satisfy the customer.

    However, the consumer has to take a portion of responsibility and the way we can do this, is by checking the label before we leave the store. If our supermarket isn't guaranteeing that the produce is from an ethical supplier we shouldn't buy. We need to walk on by and choose something different for the menu.

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