Monday, 3 November 2014

Amongst Other Things

    Someone recently asked me why the content of my blog posts aren't about devil slaying and other fantastical beings all of the time. I explained that this is my official author site and it's my book that features the devil slaying part.

      There are occasions when I'm not sure if, you, my blog reader will find what I've written in my posts, interesting, amusing, or they may just bore you silly. However,  you will know if you drop by on a regular basis, that I write a fairly mixed bag and that's because  I want you, to know the author, Christina Rowell. Of course I want you to read my book, but not all blog readers read books and I'm also aware that not everyone is turned on by devil slaying.

    Therefore, that's where the , amongst other things, comes in. So if you're reading this I hope you enjoy the posts as much as I like writing them, because I just love to write.




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