Sunday, 23 November 2014

Ready to get Reading for 'Book Week'


    It's 'Book Week' in Scotland this week, 24th - 30th November and to celebrate over the last few days I've been adding new titles to my eReader, as well dropping by a local bookstore to purchase a couple of paperbacks.

    I've chosen a mixed bunch of titles in both non-fiction an fiction and going along with the Scottish theme I've included a few Scottish authors, such as Val Mcdermid and Ian Rankin to my list of buys.

    The eReader is with me most of the time and if I have a few minutes to spare I'll read a couple of pages, in bed, on the train, plane, or in the park . However the paperbacks I like to keep for those long cold nights, when I'm cuddled up in a comfy chair in front of the fire. Heaven!

    So my glasses have been cleaned and my Kindle is charged, because this is one Scot that's on her mark, ready to get reading for, 'Book Week.'

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