Thursday, 13 November 2014

Clearing the Clutter


    A number of years ago I discovered meditation and I use it as a tool to help me focus when writing. In particular when my creativity has decided to take a holiday without me.

    I don't do the sitting cross-legged on the floor reciting a mantra and if you do I'm certainly not knocking that. It's just not my thing and we have to do what works for us as individuals.

    For me, sitting in a comfy chair is much better than the floor, of course that maybe because once I get down on the floor I find it near impossible to get up. Back to me sitting on the comfy chair; I then close my eyes and envisage places that I've visited in the past that have brought me pleasure.

    I find that really does the trick and if you haven't tried meditation I highly recommend it for clearing writers block. I've included a few places that I like to revisit in my minds-eye when I want to clear out the clutter in my mind.


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