Sunday, 4 January 2015

At the End of the Rainbow

    Yeah, it's that time of year again when we start on a new page in our lives. When the bells chimed, millions of us made wishes and  promises, with the best intentions. It was no use me making a New Year resolution that involved any restrictive process, because I knew I would fall at the first hurdle. Meaning, going on a diet was definitely ruled out.

     In one of my last posts I told you that I had lost a little weight, I can now share with you that there were no faddy diets involved, only exercise. Nothing too strenuous, getting off my butt and going for a brisk walk seems to be what started the process off.

    However, I want to start 2015 the way I mean to go on and that is on a positive. It's not easy as we never know what's around the corner and I'm hoping I can keep smiling by doing a little, or a lot in certain cases, of what I enjoy.

    Which includes, writing, reading, walking and spending time in my home overseas; all of which fill me with happiness. Therefore, you could say that my resolution is to remain happy throughout 2015, no matter what.  

    Would finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow make me happy? I thought it might until I heard a clergyman on the radio this morning, telling listeners to never forget that happiness comes from within us. So, when my positivity starts to wane, which I have a sneaky feeling it will on the odd occasion, I'm going to think of the preachers profound words and keep doing the things that will cultivate that happiness from within.

    I hope your New Year gives you lots to smile about.

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