Friday, 9 December 2016

Count Down Craziness

    It's been a little crazy at home this last week, similar to millions around the world I've been making preparations for Christmas. For once I'm hoping to get ahead of the game. My plan is that on Christmas Eve all I'll have to do is worry about peeling the Brussels sprouts and stuffing the turkey.

   All going well, the presents will be bought, wrapped and safely tucked away under the tree. I still do have a few more to buy, but Saturday that chapter will be finished. (Cross fingers)

    Talking of chapters I'm also endeavouring to finish a new novel and giving it my best shot to stick to a tight writing schedule. This week I have been successful, I have managed to cram in lots of writing hours and a not so shabby word count.

    Hope your preparations are all going well as countdown has begun! And remember to add my books to your wish list!


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