Thursday, 1 December 2016

From the Mouth's of Babes

    I flew home to Scotland on Monday, from the Canary Islands, Spain. Flying isn't something I'm crazy about and if I can, I will avoid. However, driving several thousand miles, passing through a minimum of three European countries, not forgetting the two ferry crossings means that flying for five hours wins every time on this journey.

    I was travelling alone and I was not looking forward to it at all. I can only read and write so long, because for some reason when flying I become very sleepy. My head slumped to the side and my mouth wide open I'm sure is not a good look. A look that would most certainly scare any small children that happen to be in my vicinity.

    Occasionally though, you do get someone seated next to you that makes those five hours literally fly by and Monday was one of those times. My two fellow travellers beside me were a woman and her daughter, returning to Scotland following a weeks holiday on the island.

    The girl whom I found out later to be twelve years old, was instructed by her mother to say, " Hello," to me before she slipped into her seat. Seated between her mother and I, the child organised her things, buckled up quickly and within minutes I became aware she was watching me. I could feel her eyes taking in every inch of me. An assessment was being made as to whether I was going to be her friend, or foe on our journey ahead.

    The Captain's flight announcement advised us that the flight was going to be around four hours, thirty minutes because of tail winds and this is where my unforgettable journey began.

    Minutes after take-off my young companion started to question me. The questions included, my nationality, home-town,  marital status and as to whether I was a parent or, not. I realised that her inquisitive mind was still doing an assessment.

   When she began to chat openly about herself I knew I had passed her test. Her concern for my well-being was touching, her words and other kind gestures, suggested that she felt I needed to be taken care of . She found it sad for some reason that I was travelling alone and I can only assume the intermittent strokes of my arm she administered were given to reassure me, that I was not alone.

    Earlier than planned we reached our destination, Edinburgh. But, before we bid our farewells my intriguing little friend told me that she hoped we might meet again. Little does she know that I  hope so too.



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