Thursday, 22 December 2016

Goodwill to all Men


    The presents are wrapped, the wine rack is groaning and the fridge freezer is bursting at the seams. I believe I am organised for the Sunday. But am I? Who knows. I'll tell you the next time we catch up.

    I have a list written and it's not my wish list for Santa. It's my schedule for the next big event in my household, defrosting and cooking the food. Starting Friday night.

    Christmas, is no longer a religious time for many, however it is a time that we can gather together with friends and family and celebrate humanity. That is if we are blessed to have people around us to do so and of course there are countless people who do not.

    What is humanity? Compassion, kindness, tolerance, benevolence are some of the characteristics. Daily we know that there are many appalling attacks on these. But, while the rest of us can embrace these virtues, it is time to wish, Goodwill to all Men.

    Merry Christmas readers.



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