Monday, 8 October 2012

Don't Take The Kid Into The Candy Store

    Saturdays are the one day of the week that I try to take some time away from anything related to writing. Which means I either go shopping, catch up with chores, or catch up with friends and family.

    The weekend that has just ended was no different, and I wanted to not only start with the Christmas gift shopping. But I wanted to purchase birthday gifts for my two best friends who have a birthday at that time of year too.

   "Good fresh air gives you roses in your cheeks." My gran use to say, and stuck in front of a PC, or reading books doesn't really lend itself to that.  So as it was a gorgeous autumnal day, it was the perfect day to go out and about. Hopefully not only to buy a multitude of fabulous gifts, but exchange my pallor for one that belonged to someone in a slightly healthier occupation, than a writer.

    Only a short drive away, takes me to various large shopping malls. Therefore I'm kind of spoilt for choice. But as the weather was extremely nice I chose one which is located in an idyllic setting, and there is plenty good air to be had. I arrived there at around 10.30 a.m. The mall was pretty quiet, I inwardly cheered at the thought of not being pushed and jostled, or having to queue in line at the cash desks.

    I planned to head straight for one of the larger stores first. In the belief that if I didn't get all my gifts there, I could then work my way through the various other smaller ones on my way back to where my car was parked.
    The route I chose through the mall happened to take me past my favourite book/stationary store.  'Mm', I thought, 'I could get the girls a diary for a stocking  filler. It wouldn't do any harm to go in here first.' It's no use boooring you with the details of my purchases in the book store, but I never did see the inside of the store where I was going to make my planned purchases. I spent my whole time in the book store; all three hours. When I go into a book, or stationary store, it's like taking a kid into a candy, or toy store, I just can't tear myself away.

    So does anyone know of an accurate, long range, weather forecast website? Because it looks like next Saturday I'm going in search of Christmas and birthday gifts.



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