Monday, 1 October 2012

Meet the Editor

    The Acquisition Editor informed me that my assigned Editor would be in touch. Filled with apprehension, mixed with excitement, I kept checking my inbox. Then, there it was, the email I had been waiting for. It was time to get down to business and meet my Editor.

    Physically it was impossible to do so, as my publishing company is in New York and I'm based in the UK. But as you know it's so easy to communicate by email, it doesn't make any real difference that there's the small matter of the Atlantic between us.

    This being the first time I've worked with an Editor, I didn't really know what to expect. At the offset my Editor asked me how I would like to proceed. But it doesn't matter how many books, blogs, or websites I've read on the subject, I knew I was a novice and there was no point in pretending otherwise.

    Suddenly I felt I was back at kindergarten, dependent on others to show me the way. But I have to say that the respect that's been shown to me, and the courteous manner in which the edits proceeded, the feelings of apprehension I had, quickly dissolved.

    Painlessly, I grabbed hold of the outstretched hand to help guide me along the way. That doesn't mean she has been easy on me, no sir. But, sometimes we need to be challenged and that brings the best out of us. That's what I've enjoyed about meeting the Editor.



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