Sunday, 14 October 2012

The World Gets Even Bigger

    Amazon announced at the end of last week that they were extending their lending library to Kindle owners in the UK, Germany and France. Something that our friends in the U.S.A, are already familiar with.

     Launching first in the UK, late October 2012. In time for the launch of the 'Paperwhite' Kindle, November 2012, and Christmas shopping.

    To participate you have to be an Amazon Prime Member. So what will that fee of £49.99 get you, the member?

  • Access to 200,000 titles, including best selling titles, such as Harry Potter.
  • Allow the member to borrow one book per month for free.
  • Discounted delivery on other goods purchased via Amazon.
  • No late fees
  • If you like to scribble down the margins, or in between the lines of the text; you don't need to worry any longer about defacing a book. You can make your notes/highlights via the facility on the Kindle, and if you liked the book so much that you want to re borrow it, your notes will still be there when you download it again. 
     I see this news as something that both readers, and authors alike should applaud. For the reader in addition to the above, will be able to read books that they previously may have deemed too expensive.
    The author, both indie published via KDP Select, and those published through participating publishers hopefully will be winners too. After all their book is now more accessible to a much larger audience and of course, the increased royalty payments from Amazon I'm sure won't go amiss either.

    Do you have a view that you want to share?

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