Sunday, 21 October 2012

What Goes Into A Name?

    In days gone by, Christian names given to girls' and boys' had meaning. The origins of these names were mostly, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Celtic, or Teutonic.

    For example: Abigail (Hebrew): a father's delight.

                         Patrick (Latin)  : of noble birth.

    However, as we became more celebrity focused, so have our kids' names. Celebrities seem to go out of their way to ignore source. In fact, it appears that they may even be trying to shock us with the names they give to their children.

    So as authors, do we throw caution to the wind when we choose our characters' names? Making up weird and wonderful ones as we go along. Alternatively, do we think long and hard about our choice? Unlike reality, in the case of our fictional characters we can perhaps give them a name befitting their actions, as we do know the consequences of them.

    Generally, I pick my characters' names in the same way as I would have if they were my own kids. I try to use authentic, fairly simple ones. Although occasionally, I do throw in a few outlandish ones, just for good measure; after all, I do write fantasy.

    I find it fascinating as to what goes into a name. I would love you to share your thought process of choosing your characters' names with me, and the readers of my blog. Please leave a comment.

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