Thursday, 27 December 2012

After Pudding

    I've crash landed back down to earth, after an adrenalin pumped Christmas Day. The excess food that could be saved is now in airtight containers and in the freezer. The floors have been mopped and the displaced furniture has been pushed back into it's rightful place.

   While it's wonderful to have my family and friends around me, I find that the whole day can be rather overwhelming and I know that at some point I will crave for some solitude. Therefore, by hosting the party I found that I could escape some of the crazy events of the day. Although having spent most of the day in the kitchen, I have to admit that I feel that I missed out on a great party.

   After pudding, it was time for me to mingle with my guests. The party was now in full flow and the guest's interactions were now at their peak. So as an author it was probably the best time to be part of the proceedings, because it's a great time to observe human nature at its best. I love taking in the facial expressions, the eye contact and the body language in general of those around me.

    Unfortunately for me, someone else has volunteered already to host next years get together, therefore I'll just have to find some little corner in their home to chill out for ten minutes. 

    Do you try to escape the chaos of the day, or do you enjoy being in the thick of it?




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  1. Depends on how long the party is. If it's fairly short, I'm okay being in the crowd, but if it's too long I'm exhausted by the time I get home. It's the introvert in me. But the writer in me likes to observe other people, so it's worth it!