Friday, 14 December 2012

My Little Black Book

    One thing I love about going on vacation, or even staying away from home on business is that it gives you time to people watch. I love nothing better than sitting at a table in a pavement cafe, or hotel dining room and watching the people around me.

    Fortunately for me, my partner likes to do the same. But what we get out of the whole experience is something very different. For my partner it's a signal that he can leave the stresses and strains of his job behind. No reports to write, no staffing problems to think about and no disgruntled clients to handle.

    I use this time as an opportunity to find ideas for my future protagonists, love interests and villains. Now initially I have no real idea who is going to be who in my projects, or if I will ever use them. But I take note of mannerisms, their style of clothing, the tone of their voice when interacting with others, whether the same, or opposite sex. I just love the whole people watching thing.

    So beware if your in a hotel, or cafe and you see a woman taking more than a little interest in you, it may be that you're down in my little black book.

    Do you do this, or something different? Please share your secret.



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