Friday, 21 December 2012

The Book Of Life

    Every year at this time I invest in a new diary. Without seeming ungrateful of the ones I receive as gifts at Christmas time, they just never seem to quite fit the  bill. They're always either too small, or too large. I think because of the intimate recordings it's something I have to choose for myself.

    Now I love to sit down, as I did yesterday afternoon and go through my old one. Firstly I transfer any dates that I daren't forget, such as birthdays of family and friends. But more importantly I love to read through my goals and ambitions that I had written down at the end of the previous year. If I failed on any of those I set out, I try and work out why. Of course sometimes this isn't possible as some may have been slightly over ambitious.

    Each day has a different story to tell. There may have been family, or work concerns and as the year progresses your life unfolds in front of you. Sometimes I find myself so embroiled in situations that I don't even remember as to how it all panned out and the diary serves as a great reminder.

    So as today is suppose to be the day that the world ends I'm wondering to myself as to whether I wasted my time transferring dates, and setting goals for 2013. The big question though, is will there be a book of my life to review next year?

    Hope I see you guys on Monday, when I'll be posting my next blog, and if not it was nice knowing you.


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  1. Glad you're still around, Christina! :-)
    Lovely post. I enjoy the introspection this time of year too.