Monday, 4 February 2013

Character Building

    The first day I ever met my protagonist in my forthcoming debut novel, Dan, he walked straight into my life and introduced himself to me. When I told a relative this the other day, she instantly jumped to the conclusion that my fictional character was based on a person I had actually met.

    At that point, I had to explain that he is and always has been a figment of my imagination. That one day, well it was one night, he popped in my head and I new he was the one to take on the role of a lead man straight away. She was surprised to hear as to how I know him very well, warts and all. I told her that I love him to bits, although there are times he can be a real pain and I can get really annoyed with him. Especially, when I can't get him to do precisely what I want him to do in my books, .

   The look of astonishment on her face told me that she was questioning  my sanity, as I sometimes do myself. Therefore, I thought that some further explanation was needed as to how I go about building my characters, as I will now.

    They don't all enter my head in quite the same way and I certainly don't always take to them straight away. Some, surprisingly grow on me gradually, whilst others although they have parts to play within my story, I may never actually find them endearing. Just as in real life, we don't always take to everyone we meet first off, no matter how hard we try. It's also difficult for me to give all my players endearing qualities as demons are involved.

    She said that she now understands where I'm coming from, although there was a twinkle of suspicion in her eye. This is how my characters come about. How did you meet you protagonist and your other characters ? Do you love them all?


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