Thursday, 21 February 2013

What a Difference a 100 Years Can Make

    I was looking through some old books the other day and the one that really stimulated my little grey cells was printed in the early 20th century. The section of the book that caught my attention, provided an author with handy hints in preparing their MS to be sent to the printers.

    The list of useful tips includes, how to fold the paper, the numbering of the pages, the use of ruled paper with the lines wide apart and also advises the author to write plainly.

   A hundred years on, some of the advice is still relevant in submitting our MS. But, with the correct software, many of the annoyances as they were referred to in the book have been eradicated. It makes me wonder, what will authors have at their fingertips in another hundred years?

Book referred to : The Woman's Book by Florence Jack Printed 1911. 734 Pages and by The History Press in  2006. 215 Pages.

The fantastic software I use is available from : Apache Open Office.

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