Friday, 1 February 2013

Push the Button

        Is being a writer a risky business? There is no possibility of us injuring ourselves, but we do run the chance of us losing face, or sustaining a badly bruised ego along the way. Therefore, there is a little risk attached.

    Especially now that we are expected to become involved in social networking. In theses days of blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, to name but a few, our souls' are bared to all and sundry.

    At the push of a button our stories, communications and personalities' are judged by people all over the world. At first by a few, then as the rolling stone gathers moss, the numbers multiply, resulting into hundreds and thousands.

    This is the reason why there are so many wonderful writers out there who file their finished manuscripts in a drawer to never see the light of day again.

    As my blog increases in viewing numbers, week on week and I await the release of my debut novel, that feeling of angst rears it's ugly head from time to time. So, if you were to ask me, if it's worth taking the risk to push the button? My answer is, yeah, most definitely.

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