Thursday, 22 August 2013

A Hug's a Great Place to Start


    Teenagers over the last few weeks have been experiencing angst. They've been nibbling at their fingernails and had butterflies in their tummies.Why? Because the day of reckoning, they felt was upon them and it's all down to it being time for exam results.

   It's a difficult time for kids, parents and guardians. But, if grades aren't as good as was expected, the world isn't about to end. Is it? Not achieving the top grade in a subject, doesn't change the kid. The word fail, or the letter that equates to failure, doesn't suddenly make them into a bad person.

   Yes, it may mean that they have to change the path that had been planned. It maybe that a place at college, or university may no longer be open to them. However, coping with failure isn't as easy for some kids to handle as it is for others and the feeling of angst can turn into one of shame.

    Enough bad things happen in this world, without children feeling as though they have to apologise for not performing on the day. A majority of us have the confidence later in life to pick ourselves up, when we're faced with disappointment. We learn that talking a problem through gets things into perspective and that feeling disappointed isn't something to be ashamed of. It's all part of being human.

    Firstly, the parent needs to try to comprehend as to why the grades were bad. Even if the kid had been procrastinating their studies, there will be a reason why they did so. Whatever has gone wrong, the negative emotions that are being encountered, can with a little help be turned into positives. Giving them a hug is a great place to start, but speaking to someone who is a neutral party can help





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