Friday, 2 August 2013

Stacking and Meshing, No Experience Necessary

A nation of media stackers and meshers
    In the UK it seems we're a population of  media stackers and meshers. I can confirm I'm guilty of  the charges put forward especially stacking. Media stacking sounded like a strenuous activity until I realised it means that the participant checks emails, tweets and updates Facebook, whilst watching TV. Yes, it's media multi-tasking, whilst sitting on your butt. No special training, exertion, or heavy breathing involved, therefore it's safe to do at home.

    Now that we are a nation of laptop, tablets and smart phone owners it's easier for us to come together as a family in one room, sit in front of our TVs and use the social media of our choice without having to desert the rest of the clan. The good news that is attached to this somewhat alarming observation, is that we are interacting more in our family units.

    Our friend's and social media acquaintances aren't left out either because if we take part in media meshing we chat, tweet and text with them whilst watching our favourite soaps, talent and reality shows. We exchange opinions on the programmes in real time, rather than the next time we meet up, or chat on the phone.

    Although I don't participate in this type of meshing, I am still a mesher. I regularly consult the Internet to find out more information about the actors/actresses in the programme we're viewing, usually because my partner and I can't remember what film, or soap we viewed them in previously.

    The good news in my opinion doesn't outway the downside of this report, which is we prefer being couch potatoes than getting outside, enjoying outdoors and communicating with our friends in person, whenever possible.


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