Sunday, 25 August 2013

Brave Heart

Stirling Castle
    Bloody battles are being fought all over the world today, with no end in sight. Bringing misery to the lives of many. Everyone killed, is someones son, daughter, father, mother, lover, or friend. Some of those who have lost their lives are innocent by-standers, others for various reasons are fighting for what they believe in; rightly, or wrongly.

Stirling Bridge. Sir William Wallace defeated King Edward's Army here in 1297.
    Writers of fiction know that their MC seems to dictate as to how their story will conclude. Just as non-fictional individuals can influence the course of history. One such character was Sir William Wallace who was sentenced to death by King Edward 1. His punishment for leading an opposing army to the English King's, in the War of Scottish Independence, was that he was hung, drawn and quartered. His execution took place on the 23rd August 1305 in Smithfield, London.

Stirling Bridge
    Many of you will be familiar with the film 'Brave Heart,' starring Mel Gibson which depicted the life and times of the guardian of Scotland. William Wallace fought and died for what he believed was correct and now has his place in the history of Scotland. In 1869 a monument was built in Stirling overlooking the battle site to commemorate him and is visited by tourists from all over the world.

Wallace Monument
    As is Stirling Bridge, which although it's a replacement bridge, it is said to mark the victory site of the battle where William and his army defeated King Edward's. Scotland, once again is debating a state of independence and a referendum will take place on the 18th September 2014. Thankfully no swords, or other weaponry will decide the outcome this time round, only a ballot box. Because if nothing else, we have learned lessons from our sanguinary past.

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