Thursday, 15 August 2013

Edinburgh Rocks

Edinburgh Castle
    If you've never visited Edinburgh, Scotland's capital and you have the chance to do so, don't miss out. Spring, summer, or winter, it's a city that will make a lasting impression on you. I worked there for many years and I never grew tired of what it had to offer, other than the job.

Edinburgh International Book Festival, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh

    On Tuesday I visited there, because I wanted to stop by the International Book Festival and I wasn't disappointed.  At this time of year, Edinburgh is bursting at the seams with visitors from all over the world. They have one thing in common and that is they want to sample a slice of  Edinburgh's Summer Festival programme a world renowned celebration of International arts. Whether it be books, the theatre, film, art, comedy or music, there are treats galore and I must mention the renowned Royal Military Tattoo also.

Sample a show 
    Street performers, thrill the visitors with their diverse performances, which sometimes can only be described as being on the slightly unusual side. But, nevertheless there is never a dull moment. Walking along Princes Street and looking at the gardens there, the backdrop of the castle definitely adds the wow factor.

Street Performers
   If like me you have a limited budget, there's lots to do and see for free. The atmosphere alone, will make the hairs on the back of you neck stand up, raise goose bumps on your arms and the blood  tingle through your veins. You will be filled with sheer and utter delight. Having a good time is easy, because Edinburgh Rocks.

    Princes Street Gardens, has the most awesome backdrop

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