Monday, 5 August 2013

Under the Cover


    A member of my close family has a passion for sports cars and he's taken delivery of a new Porsche. I have to admit the car's sleek lines and luxurious interior, are very pleasing to the eye.When I make a decision to purchase a car I'm more interested in the aesthetic quality initially. Although the deal breaker will be how the engine performs, especially mpg.

    But, is my purchasing a car any different from me buying a book? Although I do know more about books than cars, the purchase process is similar. When I browse in a bookstore, first impressions are very important to me. Primarily it will be the jacket art work that catches my eye. Then the blurb hooks me and motivates me to read an excerpt.

    Therefore my conclusion is that there are strong similarities, after all I make my decision on the buying of a car on what's under the hood, just as it's the words inside the cover, on the page, that lead me to the check-out with a book.

    I should add that obviously none of the pictures contained in this blog are my relatives Porsche.





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