Thursday, 8 August 2013

Ahoy There!

    The plant pots were bursting with flowers in full bloom, the rockeries weeded, the roses pruned, the grass was mowed to an inch of its life and resembled the bias of a billiard table. The boiling water bubbled in the large stainless steel urns in readiness to make cups of tea. The smell of home-baking wafted past the nostrils of the gathering crowd, tempting them to sit down at the tables on the terrace and partake of a refreshment.

An abundance of different varieties of flowers
     I can't leave out the ornamental elves and fairies who were adorned in their best, or the grecian statues that held their flower arrangement's high and proud. No I'm not talking about a scene out of a Walt Disney movie, but my neighbour's garden open day, last Sunday.

 The elves wait for their visitors
    Around this time every year, she opens her garden up to the public to raise funds for charitable organisations and the weather for once was glorious. Her garden as you will see from the pictures is a credit to her all year round hard work, love and dedication.
The fairies adorned in their finest
    A minimal entrance fee and tombola proceeds are then distributed to various needy charities. One such charity is the Royal National Lifeboat Institute. The crews of these lifeboats, that provide this lifesaving service are manned by volunteers and the funding is dependent on donations.

The mowed lawns surrounded by flowerbeds
    The lifeboat featured in the picture is a Trent Class Lifeboat called, Mora Edith MacDonald based in Oban, Scotland and has recently according to their web-site carried out its 1000th rescue. Without events such as garden open days, the RNLI would not be able to continue to help save lives at sea throughout the world.

Mora Edith MacDonald


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