Friday, 23 September 2016

Freedom to Read


    Governments and individuals continually criticise countries who don't school their children. Lack of education we know breeds intolerance and bigotry amongst the population. So, why is it that amongst us there are people who want to and succeed in having books banned?

    Banned Books Week's annual celebration of the freedom to read, commences September 25 until October, and this year they are celebrating diversity. The authors of books being from diverse backgrounds because of their colour, sexual orientation, and even their disabilities are amongst those on the list.  More information can be found on

    Banning teenagers from reading books that contain offensive language, sex and violence most certainly does not prepare them from the world we live in. Yes, we may be hesitant for them to read material which we deem is inappropriate for their age-group, but banning literature is not the answer.

    Because, in my opinion  there will always be another kid in class that will happily tell their class-mates everything that we've been trying to shelter them from. In turn, this of course can lead to the teenager being totally misinformed.

    The word FREEDOM, is defined in Webster's integrated dictionary and thesaurus as, being free, esp independence, civil or political liberty, exemption from obligation and frankness.

    Frankness is the key word; we have to be able to be candid otherwise we are continuing to stoke the fire of hatred that is already burning in the world.




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