Friday, 9 September 2016

Happy Anniversary Trekkers

    For Trekkers this month is an exciting time. Fifty years ago, Captain Kirk and his crew hit our screens and in honour of the sci-fi franchise, celebrations are being held in the next few days throughout the Universe. Sorry, the World to be exact.

    I can remember my mother had a crush on, James.T, but being a little too young to have crushes back in 1966, my super-hero was Mr Spock. So, much so that I wanted to be a Vulcan when I grew up. Thank goodness, I grew out of that notion and commuting to Vulcan daily for college was out of the question anyway.

    The characters were all larger than life and as the years progressed they had more depth. In any good story the reader, or viewer as it is in this case, wants to know a bit more about their favourite one. Scotty for example, as we know was Scottish; his accent told us that much. But, he had to have a home town. The writer chose Linlithgow, a historical town that I have featured in several posts, a place I believe he himself had visited and admired because of its beauty.

    Linlithgow itself a royal town, celebrates its connection to the Kings and Queens of Scotland regularly, however this weekend the town is lauding their son, Scotty. They will be showing, Star Trek II, Wrath of Khan in the 600 year-old palace, the first time such an event has taken place here. 

    For Star Trek fans, I think it will be an awesome experience and certainly they will be venturing into the unknown. 

    Live long, prosper and enjoy you celebrations.




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