Friday, 2 September 2016


    There are buildings you pass by most days and for some reason you just never seem to take any notice of them.

    Then one day, cha-ching. Suddenly you ask yourself, "What's that building there?" That's what I did the other day, when I noticed an old octagonal building dominating one of the streets in my local town.

    I can only think that I've been walking around with my eyes closed for years, because there aren't any other buildings like this in the town.

    On closer inspection I found that the shape of the building was not only different, but had an unique name too, The Tattie Kirk.

    Why it's called this, there are various explanations. (see picture below) Built in 1806 as a church (Kirk), the congregation of course has now departed and therefore the, Tattie, part of the name in my opinion will remain a mystery.

     The shape is supposed to keep the Devil away, and on reading this it struck a chord with me. A friend of mine who spent time based in Africa told me a story about a project he had been involved in. 

    He had been  helping to build homes for working communities who had been displaced due to war and the plans had to be strictly adhered to. The homes all had to be built circular shaped, for the same reason as this church is octagonal. No corners for any unwelcome spirits to hide in.

    It goes to show whether you live in Scotland, or Africa our superstitions are not miles apart.

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