Monday, 19 September 2016

I Love to Boogie!

    Three teenage girls with permed hair, sit cross-legged on the floor, in front of a portable record player that is stacked with 45rpm vinyl discs. They chat excitably about the singles of their favourite pop-stars, they had purchased at the weekend.

    Each teenager is eager to have her idol's music dominate the evening, however tonight the threesome are in Joyce's home and she is a Marc Bolan and T-Rex fan. The walls of her bedroom are adorned with their posters, her wardrobe bulges with flared trousers, platform soled boots and velvet jackets as she is a dedicated follower of not just T-Rex but all that is glam rock.

    I was one of those girls that night and while I was a David Cassidy fan, I did love to dance to T-Rex's music. Last weekend I did have an excuse to have a little boogie to the music of the 1970's as it was the 39th anniversary of Bolan's premature death. Hearing songs such as, I Love to Boogie, Ride a White Swan, Metal Guru and Telegram Sam again, made me smile. Unfortunately, the man himself can't witness the pleasure he still gives old and new fans alike.


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